Saturday, February 13, 2010

Why India can never become as aggressive as USA

The attack in German Bakery by a few cowards who have never been able to fight a war - man to man have once again shown their cowardice and utter disrespect to human lives. Even though my fellow Indians are full of emotions with every one vouching to get to such terror-mongers no one ever has it in them to actually even go out and vote.

Last elections Mumbai saw 40%-45% of voting and see whom did they vote?


After 26/11 all Indians wanted justice for all, security for all and once again they showed who they trusted most... the same government which did nothing but sat duck on the issue, skirted it for a while, made some changes in the political posts and couldn't even find Late Hemant Karkare's bullet proof jacket...

If our police is so demoralized, corrupt and lazy with pot belies its thanks to our political and governance systems....

If a bag is lying unattended at a public place what is this curiosity by a waiter to open the damn thing?

Was he a newcomer in Pune who didn't know the consequences of touching an unattended bag?

Why are people so foolish in the first place? Why cant they ever learn from what our media perpetually shows, cries out loud and buses and trains have these warnings written and announced over and over again.

The first reason for this is the lackadaisical attitude of majority of Indians who have never been civil enough to hear, read, talk about most important issues.

Its a country of followers and not leaders else we wouldn't be having such nincompoops as our leaders.

After the attack on Parliament the then NDA Government had created a havoc by moving the army in J&K and other border areas and conducted exercises which was named Operation Parakaram... but what happened?

Did Pakistan jehadi groups bow down? No. Not at all. They infact gained more courage and help from all the terror sympathisers from across the world and attacked India in more ways than one. 26/11 being the dastardly act by them.

Now they have attacked Pune, targetting India's guests, foreigners who love the country and visit India often and some even settle down here for good in search for peace, love and truth!

In a nation of more than 1.5 billion (1,147,995,904) the citizens are majorly self centered, unconcerned about how the nation is working being governed and above all who are making this giant nation move and to which direction.

Majority of India is fighting a battle at any given point.
Battle against poverty
Battle against naxalism
Battle against diseases
Battle against hunger
Battle for daily bread (no one ever gets butter, mind you.)

So how would India prosper, be secure and be united against such cowards who can never challenge the might of our Armed Forces?

This is a battle which has to be fought one to one and not a political one.

Why India can never be US?

We lack the passion as citizens of a great nation and we never know the value of human lives!

Once we get this clear, we can march into Pakistan dismantle the whole country, take over all its territory, ask them to surrender and clean out the disease which has taken the whole world in its fear.

This day calls for a clear cut and definite answer to the agonies faced by all the armed forces jawans, officers and civilians who have lost their lives in similar acts of cowardice they call jihad.

Indians should come together and ask the Government to march into Islamabad and seize control of the situation there and cleanse the mania gripping this part of the world.

If US can march into any part of the world without any rhyme or reason, without any provocation why can't India?

Like how Sri Lanka wiped out the most dreader LTTE? Why can't we wipe out all such jehadi-breeding assembly line in Pakistan?

We can if we want to. But where is the will? Who will take the lead? Is there any such Hero in today's political field who can get up and say that its enough and now we need to end this?

Lets hope we can have a peaceful life then.

Jai Bharat!

Jai Hind!

P.S. My fellow Indians instead of arm chair politics and laid back attitude we need to come out in the open and demand for a change and as Barack Obama rightly put it "Be the change"

Just do it India!

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